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Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm OR BY APPOINTMENT
The Silvertone Mystique

Back in the olden times, before online shopping, there were catalog companies like Sears, with a vast array of items spanning the range of want and need from yard to kitchen. Affordable appliances for every budget, and a few musical instrument offerings to make sure no stone was left un-monetized. Among the serviceable, yet modest

instruments was the Silvertone Electric Guitar with an Amp built right into the case! Yes indeed, with a sound that rivaled any transistor radio of the time, this package could make you the envy of the neighborhood, and vault you on the road to Rock and Roll stardom. These guitars were built very inexpensively with vinyl and plywood combining to create the ultimate tone machine. Ok, so I am being hyperbolic, but let’s face it , these were priced accordingly and were never intended to be family heirlooms, and yet, there is a devoted bunch of players who will use nothing else these many years later. Truth is the pick ups sound really good, in that “they just don’t make em like that” vein. They were simple, just a tone and volume pot and one or two pickups. If the neck lasted thru the years, you have a winner. The amp in case is usually a shock hazard and not used, but the guitars find there way into pro and amateur players to this day. Sure, some young hipsters use these to be quaint and cool, but more often it’s the wise old ax men that know just how to milk every drop of tone out of this once disposable  guitar.

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