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Upright Basses for Sale

Upright bass playing covers a wide range of musical style, from Jazz to Rockabilly , Bluegrass and beyond, the bass is a powerful tool in the creation of the goove, and in many cases can easily be the star of the show. We have four basses on the floor for sale today, and they range in price and construction from a modest plywood exapmle with a lovely brushed on top coat of finish, to a fully carved Juzek from the 1930’s. Here is a quick run down

of the basics of our inventory. Basses are big, though all of these are 3/4 size which is the most common you will see, they command a lot of room on the floor, so hopefully this blog will help find a great new home for one or all of them.

The first I will describe is the 1930’s Juzek made in Czechoslovakia in the 1930’s. Fully carved with a rather extensive maintainence history. Solid wood basses often develope cracks in the back and top including side repairs as well, with a revarnish at some point years ago. Playability is excellent and the neck is in excellent condition, best to come in for an in hand look and certainly a test run.  Asking $6,000,

Next up is the conversation piece of the shop for more than a year. A West German made bass, plywood construction likely made in the late 1940’s or early 50’s. No maker label inside, it came to us in wonderfully re-finished condition with a FLAT FRETTED finger board!, It was being used by a mandolin orchestra in Montreal and they had the bass converted to fretted , which may well have been fine with them at the time, but for us it was more of a curiosity making for great shop talk, but no real ineterest in the market place, so Jane removed the board and refit an new ebony board and it is a great sounding bass that looks closer to new than 60 years old. This could well be at home in a jazz outfit with nice growl to the tone, with the peace of mind that plywood gives us in New England. Askin $3900

Next up is the 1941 Kay 0-100 Orchestra Bass , the work horse of the Bluegrass scene. This old Kay has the thump you need at a great price. Jane has been in charge of maintaining this bass for most of a decade thru two owners, and can certify that it is ready to play! Yes, it does have cosmetic issues and some old repairs, some looking more problematic than they really are, but if you are shoppong for an old Kay, you’ll know that they are able to take a lot of wear and tear and always get the job done. Asking $1475

Finally we have a no name ply wood construction 3/4 size bass that came to us in need of some tlc, whiuch Jane nicely gave it, and it is a good playing bass now that would be perfect for that Rockabilly gig where the bass player like to slap the heck of the thing (technical term) and even stand on it while playing! This one has a brushed on top coat of some mystery stain/varnish like stuff, hard to tell, but it leves open all manner of possibilties for clever decoration! Seriously thou, it could use a new set of string, but other than that, an entry level playable instrument for under a $1000 is hard to beat. -Asking $975


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