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Kay Deluxe Venetian Style Archtop “decalmania” 1930’s Iced Tea Burst



Product Specs

Condition:  Good (Used)
Brand:  Kay
Model:  Deluxe Venetian Style Archtop “decalmania”
Finish:  Iced Tea Burst
Categories:  Archtop
Year:  1930’s
Made In:  United States


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Here we have a rare 1930’s Kay Deluxe Venetian style Archtop. This came in with no labels so it was a bit of a journey to research it. It has many of the attributes of the Kay Kraft Recording King Venetian styles of the era but without the patented wing nut adjustable bolt on neck and funky “mother of toilet” headstock. Has a bakelite bridge with reversible saddle to accommodate both regular and Hawaiian style playing. Features ornate “decalmania” style stencil work on the body very common to the Venetian style archtops from Kay of that era. Comes with original hard shell case. We gave it a full fret job and set it up to play like a dream. Great sound from a very cool vintage guitar!

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