Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm [Now open until 8pm Thurdays] OR BY APPOINTMENT
81 Main Street, Easthampton, MA 01027
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm [Now open until 8pm Thurdays] OR BY APPOINTMENT

Complete Repairs and Maintenance of All Stringed Instruments at Goat Peak Strings:

  • Neck resets
  • Re-frets
  • Set ups
  • Appraisals on guitars, banjos and mandolins
  • We work on violins, violas, cellos and basses
  • Bow re-hairs and repairs

Goat Peak Strings boasts a complete string repair shop, well equipped with the tools and supplies needed for the care of your treasured string instrument. Fine stringed instruments are beloved for their beautiful appearance and tone, and our repair staff has the knowledge and training to maintain these marvellous instruments through all stages of a player’s life. Students, hobbyists, and professional string players call upon our luthiers for bridge alignments, customized set ups, repairs of cracks or split seams, written appraisals, and much more. 

We buy vintage instruments: Our offers are based on the condition of the instrument and current market value.

Consignments: We will consign your instrument for a 20% fee if it sells in the store or 25% if it sells online and we have to ship. All instruments are fully insured on premisis and in shipping.

The Want List: We will try our best to find you the instrument that you are looking for.

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